About Me

Hello There!!

I’m Stacey – a stitchy girl from Adelaide, South Australia. I live with my husband (otherwise known as the fabric-folding assistant!) and I love sewing beautiful clothes, going camping, making vintage inspired hats and buying gorgeous shoes!
I’ll have a go at sewing or creating almost anything but my fave items to stitch are cute cotton sun dresses and beautiful cocktail gowns in luxe fabrics. I love anything with a fun vintage vibe although the 1940’s and 1950’s are my go-to looks – maybe in a past life I was a pin-up girl?!
My fave fabrics are ponte di roma because it makes everyone – and I do mean everyone – a good sewer and pure silk because I could seriously just wrap myself up in that fabric, I love that way it feels sooo much. Ooooh and alençon lace and velvet. Ok maybe I don’t actually have a fave fabric after all…I do tend to prefer using natural fabrics where possible. I use a Janome sewing machine and a second-hand Pfaff overlocker and they work great for what I stitch 🙂 
Finally here’s a few random facts about me: I’m allergic to most animals so sadly we don’t have any pets; I would love to dye my hair a crazy bright colour one day; my fave exercise is pole dancing and I have had thyroid problems in the past so I follow a plant-strong lifestyle as outlined in Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat for Health book. 

**Update: We have since welcomed a fur baby into our home so now I have a fluffy puppy offsider named Astrid. She is a shi-tzu x poodle so low allergies and I just love her little fluffy face! I’ve since dyed my hair cherry red; magenta; lilac; hot pink with purple foils; violet; teal green and it’s currently a rainbow mix of teal, blue, purple and pink! Still on the pole and finally gaining control and understanding of my unique hormone issues. I’m now hoping to return to study a Master’s of Physiotherapy in 2017. Just proof you can follow your dreams people!!** NOV 2016.

I would love to connect with other sewers or vintage enthusiasts out there and share our love of creating/finding beautiful unique items! You can contact me through the comments on this blog or through my  business email: staceymadefashion(at)gmail(dot)com.

Hope to see you around the sewing-world!