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Let It Go! For the Festive Season

* This post has been sitting since last Christmas as I was waiting on a pic of my niece in the dress. But given how many people don’t like their kids being on the internet this lot will have to suffice!*

I love sewing for other people – if they appreciate it! And no one has been more appreciative then my niece of the Tinkerbell costume I sewed for her a few years ago.

Since that one is getting a little small these days (and you can never have too many dress up!) I thought it was time for a new one.
What else would a little girl these days love other than Elsa? Heck, even women my age are singing along to this Disney film.

I only purchased the pattern and fabric for the over skirt/train thingy, everything else came from my costume fabric stash. I used a glitter chiffon for the yoke and sleeves, costume satin for the bodice and skirt, glitter tulle to overlay the bodice and a snowflake “official frozen” organza for the over skirt.


The pattern is McCalls M700 and I cut a size 5-6 since my niece is nearly 6 years old and pretty average size. If you do decide to try this pattern for kids note it is VERY long. Like I had to trim 5 inches off the skirts and add a 2 inch hem (to allow for growth spurts) for it to be the right length! How tall do they think kids are??

I use invisible thread on the organza skirt which worked really well plus I practiced my French seams on the organza and chiffon sections. The pattern instructions are pretty good but they do have you set in the sleeve like normal which is super tricky on such a small garment. Ideally I’d look for a way to finish the whole side and underarm sleeve seams in one go, like you would in a knit garment but with the overskirt to attach this could be tricky too. I haven’t thought about this in depth since I’m unlikely to ever sew this again so small.



I screwed up a few things like the zipper insertion and the press stud alignment at the top neck edge but since this will be on a running child most of the time I don’t think anyone’s going to care.


I love how glittery and sparkles this is, even if it did cover my sewing room and floor in glitter.

The neck facing is a nice finish, something I would use again if I were stitching in chiffon since it has all folded, contained does so it looks nice and there is no risk of fraying edges escaping.




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