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New TNT – The Burda Bat Wing Top returns

In the spirit of my bright new organised sewing room I have resolved to start finishing off some of my half done projects or UFOs (Un-Finished Objects).

 These two have been languishing half finished since July! It only took about 2 hours to finish them both off!!

First on the list – something easy (we’ll work up to that coat that is half done…). After such success with my first try at this Burda pattern I immediately rushed out to buy fabric to make some more! 
Fabric Close Ups – This one is a bit sheer so a neutral tank works well underneath
Texture, Texture, Texture – The red top is super warm since this texture comes from a double layer of fabric
I went back to my fave haunt – Ferriers Fashion Fabrics since I had seen these fabrics on my first visit but didn’t want to spend on luxe fabrics if I wasn’t sure the pattern would work. Now I know it works and looks good I am quite happy to spend a little more to get quality in my end garment. 
This is a pretty stable ethos for me – New Pattern? Start off with a ‘wearable muslin’ in a cheap fabric so if it is a disaster at least I haven’t destroyed beautiful and expensive fabric making it! Then, when all the kinks are ironed out, move on to fabrics I love to wear. I think this is also how I discover if a design is worthy of the TNT tag – and why I made 3 versions of my wrap dress in the previous post before finally making it up in luxurious Italian Jersey (just fabric for this make was around $70!!)
But back to these girls – there isn’t much to add to what I wrote last time. Construction and sizing didn’t really change although I did leave the interfacing off for the purple version as you could clearly see it at the neckline through the lacey fabric.
These aren’t the most exciting things to post about but they are real sewing “cake”: good basics that fill a hole in my wardrobe. I am trying to be much more thoughtful and aware of what I sew for myself since my wardrobe has some gaps that need filling with more “cake” rather than just sewing pretty pieces of “frosting”. 
But Summer is Coming!! And that means lots of chances to sew and wear some pretty dresses – definitely my favourite type of frosting 😀
So I promise some pretty sweet treats next time I post!
PS – What do you think of my new photo spot in the new room? Should I mix it up with some new locations? It’s soooo much easier to get better light here plus I can balance my camera on my cutting table to take pics Yay!