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Coatigan Copy

This was a project which reminded me why I sew for myself. Sometimes I think – I’d really rather just buy that, it’ll be so much quicker/cheaper/easier/more instant gratification than making it. 

But when I tried on this “coatigan” (half coat half cardigan) and saw the price at AU$140 I went “nope – I can make it!” and was extremely grateful to not have to commit to spending that money on a store bought garment. 

The original coatigan I tried on…


And my version!

I would never have thought that this style of loose, layered coat/jacket would suit me but then again – I’m wearing leggings with it and I never thought those would suit me either! So when I tried it on (admittedly just to see if the silhouette worked) I was really surprised to find it made me feel very sophisticated, like I was in Vogue or something, yet comfy and warm at the same time. Being comfy and warm are starting to become requirements for my own makes now as it is still freezing and I’m tired of being cold or having so many tailored layers on that I can’t move!
As soon as I knew I had to have a coat like this I also knew exactly which pattern I needed – Vogue 8930. Despite the somewhat awkward photos on the model I suspected the clean lines of the “cocoon style” coat in this pattern would give me the same feel as the store-bought option. I also knew I had to get my butt back to Ferriers fabric as I had buckley’s looking for something so luxe feeling and double sided at Spotlight and Lincraft.
Vogue Pattern + my Sewing Notes
Fortunately Ferriers Fashion Fabric came through for me again and I found the perfect black and white check boucle fabric which I decided to trim with faux leather binding from spotlight.
A word of warning: The faux leatherette bias binding is THE DEVIL’S TRIM!!!! It took me longer to finish the binding than to cut and sew the coat! The inside of the bias is sticky for some reason so no matter what I tried it just would not feed through my machine at an even tension. The result is that the trim is wavy and quite a bit smaller than the edge it follows – it works on such a relaxed look but honestly it was such a nightmare I don’t know if I will ever use it again. If I had too I would only ever topstitch it as the ‘good’ side was somewhat easier to work with though still a nightmare. The only reason this didn’t end up in the room of frustration is that I really really wanted to wear it!
The “leather” binding stitched flat on the pockets ok…
but completing this edging was awful!!
The pattern itself is very easy to construct – there is literally I think 4 pieces? I left out the ‘inside pocket’ since that seemed unnecessary but instead used the biggest pocket pattern piece as the outside pockets. I placed these last so I could make sure they were in the right spot for my hands. This spot ended up being on the bias of the checks and I quite like the look of this unplanned detail.
I cut a size XS of view A, which is the shortest length, since the design is so voluminous and I am quite happy with this fit. I particularly like the bracelet length sleeves – when I wore this out today I added black long gloves and the whole look had a nice vintage feel. Cocoon coats are quite a 1920’s style look, just imagine this shape in floor length velvet and you have yourself a Gatsby costume!
Copying the model from Vogue!
I really love the unconscious glamour of this coat – it’s relaxed yet chic, modern yet comfy and WARM to boot! I’m not sure if I would make more simply because one of this type of item seems to be enough in my wardrobe. That said, I have had so many comments on this since I made it (and haven’t stopped wearing it!) I suspect requests could be coming in soon for similar designs. 🙂
This design takes a LOT of fabric – 2.2m and I needed all of it!
Finally, because this hip-happenin-sophistication-plus “coatigan” makes me feel just like I should be in Vogue here is my very best model duckface:
Workin It All SexyLike!!
Hmmmm.. don’t call us we’ll call you?
Happy Sewing!!!

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