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Headless Leggings

The title of this post comes from taking photos of these leggings (which went something like – “do you want your head in it? Or do you just want a headless leggings shot?”) just in case you were wondering. I seriously never thought there would ever be a day when I would admit that leggings are an acceptable form of leg wear!

This shows the fabric best – all those leg circles are paying off!!
Strangely enough though – now that I have tried making my own I think I will be needing to make some of these up so I always have a pair at the ready!! They are soooo comfy and so long as you choose a heavier opaque fabric you can easily eliminate the see-through-leggings-do-NOT-equal-pants issue that tends to happen with ALL store bought leggings. 
That said – this pair was intended as a wearable muslin and unfortunately is a little too see-through to qualify as pants. I used some strange wet-look, black-on-black leopard print stretch fabric which was great to brush up on my stretch sewing skills and has a cool effect but is quite lightweight so these will be relegated to the “heavy tights” category and always worn with longer tops to cover my butt (literally).
This is how I would normally wear these leggings – under tunics/dresses etc.
The pattern is a very old knitwit gym wear edition from Mum but despite the age, this type of garment really doesn’t change. All I altered was to add about 10 inches to the leg to make these long pants. Next time I would probably take 2 inches off the waist band too as these do sit a little high on me.
These literally took me like 2 hours to make – gotta love a pattern with only one piece to cut!!
Part of the reason I wanted leggings is because I am currently working on a 30 day legs and abs challenge and I suddenly noticed that my thighs actually look a bit less jelly-like. I always thought leggings wouldn’t flatter me since my legs aren’t my best feature but now I am suddenly re-thinking this concept. 
Checking the stretch factor and working on my splits – hello multitasking!
It’s great when you try something outside your comfort zone and it actually works – hello whole new world of leggings and stretch sewing!!
Breathe, Stretch and Sew!