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Some Very Special News

Hello hello!!

I’m back after a bit of an internet hiatus as such – our trip on the Strzelecki and Birdsville tracks was a wonderful break from reality (and technology lol)!
First things first – no I am not pregnant! I’m sure at least one or more person(s) was assuming that so I’m gonna be upfront and say no, no babies here now 😉

However, I do have a bit of an exciting announcement – I am starting a project called StaceyMade Fashion!

I met the lovely Pemily from The Pin Up Lounge in Port Adelaide a few weeks ago and she was SO excited about my home sewn clothes and asked me if I had ever considered selling the things I make. I have been thinking along those lines lately (after years of swearing I would NEVER sew for anyone but me!) so I have actually taken her up on the offer in a small-side-project kind of way.

Halter Dress in Cotton Rayon blend, Size 10

So I have been cloistered away the past week or so, whipping up a handful of lovely frocks that I’ve been wanting to make for myself – the catch is I’m not keeping them. Instead these lovely items will be available for purchase through The Pin Up Lounge’s lovely clothing boutique! I have started small and all these dresses are my size (Australian size 10-12 roughly) so I didn’t have to think to hard about pattern changes/fit etc. If there are people looking for these styles in a different size or a custom design/fit I’ll consider branching out.

Sheath Dress in Cotton Sateen, Size 12

Please note this is still only going to be a part of my life (I suspect I will still have to have a ‘real job’ and I’d like to still have a life too!) so I may not be able to take on complex custom designs yet – I want to see how things go and not overwork myself so I stay healthy. Just a little disclaimer so no-one expects miracles from me 😉

Sundress in Cotton Lawn, Size 10

That disclaimer aside I’m really excited to be trying this out and to be sharing my style of hand-made fashion!
The dresses will be available in Pemily’s beautiful vintage shop at 7 Holmes Street, Port Adelaide – Pem has such a gorgeous set-up and is such a beautiful person – it was really just her sheer enthusiasm that convinced me to give this a go in the first place. She is also wonderfully talented with hair, make-up and styling – the whole creative package (I wish I had her around when I got married – seriously, her bridal looks are to die for!) She also offers Pin Up Photo shoot packages which are terrific fun and lead to some amazing shots!!

The Dress that Started It All – Vintage 1950’s design, not for sale (sorrynotsorry) but if you’re interested in a custom version please contact me!

I have a facebook page at Please like and share my page if there is someone you know who appreciates handmade touches and is looking for a vintage-inspired look.
If you like what you see, head on into The Pin Up Lounge to see for yourself and maybe buy something beautiful and handmade!

Sundress in Cotton Lawn, Size 10