Me-Made-May 2014

Me Made May ’14 – Day 24 to 30

Final week of Me Made May!! This month has shown me a lot and I’m amazed to say I made it through 30 days with only 4 items of Me-Made clothing re-worn.
Sunday, Day 24
Top: Tokito, thrifted from Balmain Markets
Leggins: Cotton On
Socks: Bonds
I did actually wear boots this day since it was our sewing day and yes that is the Fabric Folding Assistants foot photo bombing on the left!
Monday, Day 25
Shirt: Jackie E
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: Made by Me – Kwik Sew 3337
Belt: Target
Tuesday, Day 26
Knit: Target
Vest: Made by Me – Simplicity 2150
Skirt: Jay Jays
Necklace: Ummmm no idea, maybe the central markets somewhere?
This vest was one of those makes where the fit and quality was great but I had no idea how to style or wear it, until I really had to think of garments to wear this month. And I actually love this look and will definitely wear it again – WINNING!
Wednesday, Day 27
Knit: Target
Cardigan: Big W
Pants: Made by Me – Sewaholic Thurlows (blogged here)
Shoes: Target
Thursday, Day 28

Cardigan: Jackie E
Dress: Made by Me – Vogue 8615
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target
Friday, Day 29

Shirt: Made by Me – McCalls 5471 (out of print now – no online resources available)
Jeans: Forever New
Ugh Boots: Kmart
Saturday, Day 30
Top: Made by Me – Lekala Free Pattern 8004
Cardigan: Target
Pants: Made by Me – Sewaholic Thurlows (blogged here)
Boots: Williams
One of the fun parts of taking pictures every day was when FFA (photo bombing here too like a creeper) decided to make a game out of screwing up the pics. Taking photos every day is a pain but is also a great learning curve. I have discovered I have only 2 poses in which I can take a decent looking selfie which means ‘proper’ blog photos are definitely going to fall under someone else’s jurisdiction. However I also discovered I don’t look as terrible in photos as I usually think so overall daily photos were a positive experience (thank god they are over now though!)
Me Made May was all about having fun and trying out blogging about sewing to see if this was something I wanted to do. Aside from the annoyance of having to take daily photographs for Me Made May I really do like recording my sewing adventures and sharing them. On a more serious note this whole process has started getting me thinking about what I want to do with my time the most. Sewing and creating really does seem to bring me the most joy at the moment so I’m thinking of ways I can bring more of this into my life now. So Me Made May really was worth the challenge. 
Will keep updates coming if my new plans come to pass!
Thanks Me Made May for the challenge 😀
I’ll be back with some more new makes in the coming weeks,
Seeya then!!

2 thoughts on “Me Made May ’14 – Day 24 to 30

  1. Love the trousers! I did MMM as well and taking the pics does get to be a chore but nice to have a record at the end. I just use self timer on my phone. I found your blog via a mum at my boy's school who you know through your OT? Anyway, nice to meet another Adelaide blogger

  2. Hi Miriam – thanks so much, I am slightly in love with these happy yellow pants 😉 Great to meet you too, Adelaide is such a small place hehe so it is nice to find another local blogger! Cheers!!

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