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Me Made May ’14 – Day 10 to 16

Week 2 is here!

Saturday, Day 10

Dress: Just Jeans – thrifted from a clothes swap

Boots: Betts and Betts. And yes they are thigh high so that is allll boots in this pic 😉

This was the first day of thrifted clothes only, with no made by me items. It turns out this challenge is hard purely because it has been so cold here lately that I can’t wear a lot of my pretty summer dresses. Since I make a lot of pretty summer dresses this weather is really impacting my Me Made May abilities. Good thing I still have plenty of shoes to wear hehehe.

Sunday, Day 11

Top: Made by Me – Kwik Sew 3790

Pants: Kmart

 Ugh Boots: Kmart

Ugh, was still sick here and looking like death warmed up again, sorry!

Monday, Day 12

Excuse the weird pose – it shows the gathering detail in the dress a bit!

Dress: Made by Me – New Look 6429 (out of print – no online resources available)

Shoes:  Target

Tuesday, Day 13


Top: Made by Me – Refashioned from thrifted Target dress

Cardigan: Big W

 Belt: Market Stall
Jeans: Forever New
Shoes: Wittner

Wednesday, Day 14


Dress: Made by Me – McCalls Pattern? (Sorry this one is out of print and not in my stash any more)

: Big W

Shoes: Wittner

Thursday, Day 15

Love and Seamed Stockings…It’s all you need! OXOX

Dress: Made by Me – Butterick 5880 (original vintage design from early 50’s)

Belt: Made by Me – self drafter using vintage buckle from Grandma’s stash

Stockings: Rebel Circus online

Shoes: Target (this dress really needs nude pumps a la Kate Middleton…hmmm shopping time?)

I feel the need to point out this dress looks even better when ironed but I only had the chance to take this picture after wearing it most of the day. Oh well…

Friday, Day 16

Dress: Made by Me – Another Vogue 8615


 Belt: Forever New

Necklace: Colette

Shoes: Wittner

It has finally warmed up here enough to wear some nice lighter dresses! I was planning on wearing my tea-cup Cambie dress today but I broke the zip 😦 so need to unpick it all and put in a new one! Double sad face 😦 😦 That said, this is still one of my fave dresses.
This week I have discover several things – I buy A LOT of the clothes I don’t make (and shoes) from Target and Forever New, I wear A LOT of belts and cardigans and I own way more clothes than I thought. Also, leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark plus my can’t-be-bothered attitude to make up 60% of the time = bad photo opportunities! This challenge is really making me think about what I have in my wardrobe, how I wear it and what new combinations I can come up with. Fun times in general though being sick has put a damper on things. But I will hopefully finish a project this weekend so I will have something new to wear next week! I hope these posts aren’t coming off narcissistic, that is never my intent!
See you in week 3!

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