Me-Made-May 2014

Me Made May ’14 – Day 3 to 9

Here’s the roundup for the last Me Made May week. I think I’ll stick with this format for the rest of the month since it is a bit easier than doing daily updates.

So without further ado…
Saturday, Day 3

Sorry for the dodgy photo – this was taken about 1AM!
Jeans: Just jeans

Top: Made by Me – New Look 6838

Scarf: So old I can’t remember where it’s from!

Jacket: Target

Necklace: Colette

Shoes: Betts and Betts

Sunday, Day 4

Pants: Kmart

Jumper: Made by Me – knitted from free pattern in Better Homes and Gardens

Ugg Boots: Kmart

I’ve always thought this jumper was too daggy to wear out but it is warm and cuddly so perfect for days inside.

Monday, Day 5


Top:  Valley Girl

Skirt: Made by Me – Simplicity 2648. This was originally meant to be my going-away dress at our wedding but the bodice just never looked right so with Mum’s help we turned it into a pencil skirt.

Shoes: Wittner

Tuesday, Day 6

Knit: Zara

Skirt: Made by Me – Kwik Sew 3337

Jacket: Made by Me – Simplicity 2446

Boots: Colorado 

Wednesday, Day 7

Jeans: Forever New

Shirt: Made by Me – McCalls 5471 (out of print now – no online resources available)

Cardigan: Jackie E

Boots: Williams?? Maybe?? These are like 10 years old or more…

Thursday, Day 8

Knit: Target

Skirt: Made by Me – Kwik Sew 3337

Belt: Forever New

Boots: Betts and Betts

I was actually home sick on Thursday so I spent most of the day in my PJ’s but I had to go out at one point so I half recycled this outfit.

Friday, Day 9

Dress: Made by Me – Vogue 8615

Belt: Target

Cardigan: Temt

Shoes: Target

This one is a tried and true pattern. I LOVE this dress!

Phew! I didn’t realise how long this would go for but that’s my first week long round up for Me Made May. I’m really enjoying planning my outfits to include Me Made items. Can’t wait to do the next week 😀

Also, sorry for my ‘death-warmed-up’ face in some of these pics, I really need to start wearing make up more often!