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Me Made May ’14 – Day 2

So I can tell that MMM 14 is going to make it easy to tell which days I’m working and which days I don’t leave the house if I can help it…

Here is outfit 2…
It’s super sexy!
I actually have to confess that this outfit was covered up by at least another 2 daggy layers, on account of it is freezing cold right now, but if I put those on you wouldn’t be able to see the only me-made part of my outfit!
Leggings: Cotton On

Top: Made by Me – McCalls 6164  (listed as out-of-print online but probably still available in some stores) – View A

Ugg Boots: Kmart!
I am already learning that on days when I only dress for comfort I am going to struggle to find me-made items to wear because I tend to sew “dressier” items. Not that they aren’t comfy, just that I don’t usually bother sewing things that I’m only going to lounge around the house in. I would like to try making leggings since I have finally discovered how comfy and amazing they are. Maybe a future project?
I think I will try posting daily until Sunday then I might try doing a weekly post at the end of the week and see which method I prefer. 
Happy Weekend!
Stace 🙂