Welcome to StaceyMade!

Saturday, November 9th 2013


I sew a lot of my own clothes and I LOVE looking at sewing blogs online for inspiration or tips when I’m working on a project. I have been meaning to try to keep notes on projects as I sew or take pictures so I can remember what I made, what changes I did and also just so I can look back in time and see what I have produced with my own two hands! So that’s where the inspiration to start a blog came from. I have no idea if I will keep this up or if this is one of those – well it seamed (haha get what I did there…oh dear it is too soon for these jokes I know) like a good idea at the time-type projects.

Hopefully I can put up some past projects soon!



P.S – I have never had a blog before so hopefully technical difficulties and user errors are few and far between right?